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    For your health, please choose Chunhe fruits and vegetables

    Over the years, always adhere to the fruits and vegetables Chunhe industrialization road, to the quality of life, the credibility of survival, market-oriented, constantly consolidate and expand the scale of production. The fruit series and vegetable products sold in China are sold in thirteen provinces and regions, and have been sold to more than 10 countries and regions in the United States and Japan. It has made important contributions to the leap forward development of Liaoning seed industry.

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    For your health, please choose Chunhe fruits and vegetables

    Gaizhou Chunhe fruit and vegetable cooperatives from the province of several cooperatives jointly, joint enterprises with independent legal person qualification, the company registered capital of 5 million yuan. Union headquarters is located in Sha Gang Zhen Hui Tun Cun, Gaizhou City, Liaoning Province, from the Shenyang - Dalian highway entrance 4 kilometers, 10 kilometers away from Bayuquan port, east of Shenyang Dalian highway, fertile land west of Harbin Dalian high speed railway, is richly endowed by nature geographical location and geographical conditions. The joint agency now has nearly a thousand members involved in planting and breeding, aquaculture, processing, transportation, greening, chain management, tourism picking, training and consultation, we are committed to the union into the largest in Liaoning Province, so that farmers profit, so that the public benefit for "Sannong" power.

    Our union is now beginning to take shape, one of Gaizhou's famous "acres of vineyards, grape shed 200, nectarine 30 buildings, more than 200 acres of nursery, flower reached 100 acres of vegetable greenhouse in Dashiqiao; hundreds of buildings, nearly acres of rice, eggplant fruit, rice, crab field sales orders in short supply; Fushun the potherb base of araliaelata, Hericium, celery and so become a new fashion of healthy diet; functional fruit in Tieling, SOD fruit, rich selenium fruit full of praise...... "

    We advocate green, ecological, environmental protection, health cultivation mode: selenium enriched fruits, vegetables, characteristics of wild vegetables, rice crab field for the farmers of the stupid pork and eggs and so on; we set up new marketing mode: CSA, direct sales, orders for the base of network marketing; products have been sold to Beijing, Tianjin, Shaanxi Shanxi, Henan, Changchun, Inner Mongolia and other places, products well received orders in a continuous line.

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    For your health, please choose Chunhe fruits and vegetables

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    For your health, please choose Chunhe fruits and vegetables

    Gaizhou Chunhe fruit and vegetable cooperatives

    Contact: manager Guo

    Contact phone: 13840715188

    Web site: www.gzschgs.com

    Address: Liaoning province Gaizhou City Mission Hill Street Office Zhang Mo Luo Village